How can I view pricing?

To view pricing you must register as a business customer on our website.  Once your registration has been approved (usually same day or overnight) you will receive your log in details, from there you will be able to view pricing as well as build and place orders.


How do I order samples?

To order samples please log into our website, click SHOP ONLINE then ORDER SAMPLES.  From there you can process your sample order online in full (A maximum of 3pcs per item applies for sample orders)


Does Techpack guarantee fitness for purpose?

No.  Given the wide variety of formulations and end uses of our packaging, it is the obligation of the buyer to establish the compatibility of goods for their intended purpose.  For this reason, we strongly recommend you order and test samples of our packaging before proceeding with any commercial orders. 


What is your Minimum Order Quantity/Minimum Spend?

Our minimum order value is $250 nett (i.e. excluding GST & Freight)


How do I pay for an order?

You can pay via credit card or electronic funds transfer.


How do I contact you with questions?

Please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page online or call us on (02) 9555 8060.


Where does Techpack deliver to?

Techpack delivers within Australia, New Zealand and Singapore for online orders. If you require delivery to another country, please email us via the ‘Contact Us’ page or call on (02) 9555 8060.

For International shipments DAP (Delivered at Place) INCO Terms will apply if Techpack is responsible for freight. This means the customer is responsible for all GST, Duties and Customs Clearance Charges on receipt. These charges are not included in Techpack’s Freight charge. 


Can I pick up my order from Techpack?

Yes you can.  Once your order ready for collection we will contact you to confirm pick up time, usually within 48 hours of payment.


How long does delivery take?

Usually around 1 week for deliveries to most locations within Australia and New Zealand.


Does Techpack provide printing or labelling?

We do not provide these services, but we can suggest companies that can help.  Please email us via the ‘Contact Us’ page or call on (02) 9555 8060 for more detail.


How should I size my labels?

Techpack strongly recommends customers trial their labels with sample bottles using their commercial application method before going to market.  Technical drawings are available on request which show the maximum vertical label area and diameter for length/circumference*, however, we suggest both label height and length are kept well within this maximum to reduce the risk of creasing or misalignment.

*The minimum. bottle circumference is calculated by taking the nominal bottle diameter, subtracting the low end tolerance, and multiplying by 3.1416. e.g. The bottle diameter for FL-30 is 34.0mm, subtract the low end tolerance of 0.5mm = 33.5mm x 3.1416 = Min. Circumference of 105.24mm. As above though, be sure keep your label length well below the minimum circumference and trial, trial, trial !


Do I need an ABN/NZBN to order?

Yes.  We require proof of your business registration as Techpack is a business to business wholesaler.


Can I place orders for personal use?

No. Techpack is a business to business wholesaler therefore we are not able to sell to individuals for personal use.


Where are your products manufactured?

The majority of Techpack products are manufactured either within the European Union or North America.


What is unique about MIRON Violet Glass?

MIRON Glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of UV light.  For more detail on how this protects your product, please visit the MIRON website by clicking here.


What is your Returns policy?

We can only accept the return of glass components that are undamaged, in their original shrink-pack packaging and deemed fit for resale by Techpack following inspection.  You will need to arrange return freight.  A restocking fee of 10% may apply.  Acceptance of items for return is at the sole discretion of Techpack. 


Are your products supplied in a sterile condition?

No. All our glass bottles and plastic components are manufactured in strictly controlled environments.  Whilst our glass bottles are shipped in sealed shrink packs to minimise dust and other contaminants, they are not supplied in a sterile state.